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OMG just getting used like this can be so erotic and I was loving every minute of them just using me like some sex toy or fuck toy whose only purpose in life was to pleasure them and it was giving me so much pleasure to be used this way. My god was I loving it and I wanted to feel him inside of me again. They went left instead of right so I am guessing back to their room. I kept caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples while I continued to play with my koochie. I had jealousy but I also had guilt that these guys were fucking me oh so good and that I was going to let Lee treat me however he wanted while fucking me again.

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I love it when guys appreciate my talents.

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She is very beautiful and has long blonde hair side note cowboy19d has a great blog so go check him out. Be careful with the volume. He was so hard and I know he wanted to fuck me in the ass. What are u doing down there? I kept looking up at Lee and his look of superiority as B worked my pussy over causing me to cum yet again and I just finished cleaning Lee when I laid back and opened my legs as wide as they could while B just worked his magic tongue between my legs.

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