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Mina never has released nudes, passport, posted hate posts on dasha. Dasha is a criminal who is obsessed with ruining peoples lifes! You are not this histrionic when you are suicidal and not just attentions seeking. Then multiple people will have it. After the behavior I've witnessed from him today, I'm very red flagged by it. I will say if Dasha learns how to control her fucking psycho and fall back a bit, but he continues to keep milking this too hard to the public, I'll probably go from being just eh about him to fully disliking him and yes, still hating Dasha.

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What a whack job.

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Your actions have already cost you one job! Imagine living a life so sad and lonely, that you have to kiss instathots asses just to have any social interactions. I cannot understand what kind of visa she has. Lost Angelesand many more. Heck, i would be livid if someone did that to my significant other. Fettie you stupid dumb cunt, thanks for laugh hahahaha! I wanted to message him but mainly Mina and was debating whether I should apologize for believing in dasha, but to see the way Edwin really sperges kinda turned me off on that.

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