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This is a substantial surge for Spears, as she only scored 54 percent in the same poll five years ago. The source splurged that John recently saw a picture of Ashlee and asked how old "Jessica" was when it was taken. Following closely behind Brit was pending prisoner Paris Hilton, whose life was literally overexposed this year on the Web site parisexposed. Site may contain offensive content. After returning from her bathroom business, Sara spotted Lohan straddling the same guy and asked herself: This popular petition has more than 35, signatures urging the governor to ensure Hilton does her time and lists a litany of car-related crimes Hilton has committed over recent years.

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Speaking of the younger Simpson sister, Ashlee told Cosmopolitan magazine that she plans to search for a boyfriend outside of Tinseltown.

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Miss Lavigne was not only snapped flashing her flesh, she was also drinking whiskey and smoking a cigarette in the shots. Well, the Hollywood heiress can be excepting a whole lot more mail when she is pushed into prison next month. Aquafresh White Trays a teeth whitening manufacturer took out the policy and is currently working with the pearly princess for a U. I suppose I'm very European in my attitude to my body. The Pitt pal also added that the divorced duo spent time reminiscing about their romance, and parted with a passionate embrace. Lohan pulls a small bag of white powder from her jeans pocket.

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britney flash funny naked spear strip
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britney flash funny naked spear strip
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