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He hands her the portrait of them — he made himself another copy — so she can look at it when she misses him. But movies like that exist, and this is one of them. Neighborhood Friend 3 Jong-hun Hyeon Divided into two halves and an overtime segment, I will admit that I was quite uncertain as to how the film would unfold, yet when the pacing picks up in the second half I found myself decidedly enamored with the film and even being forced to pause moments before the heartfelt closing, I found myself welling up a bit at is rewardingly romantic reveal. His death was far too easy and he didn't really pay for his crimes. I love Joo Won so much that I am soooo angry with the production of this show. The idea to do the remake from My Sassy Girl in historical setting should never happened at the first place, especially if it is a full length sageuk, it might works in movie or special drama with epi.

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In the garden, Gyun Woo gravely says to her that he should no longer accompany her to her residence, surprising Hyemyeong.

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[Drama Review] 'My Sassy Girl' - Episodes 29-32 (Finale)

My Sassy Girl centers on Gyun-woo Chae Tae-hyun a somewhat reclusive man who admits to his parents being a bit dismissive of him since they had actually hoped to have a girl child instead, despite having a decent job, he moves through life a bit haphazardly, until he finds himself saving a drunken girl from falling in front of the oncoming subway, leading to his being forced to take care of her as she vomits on passengers, only to pass out of the floor of the subway train. Imagine a spin-off with the prince as the lead - birth secret on a platter right there!! But Gyun Woo smiles and opens his arms wide and says he did. Ryokiteki na Kanojo Japanese television drama. It has no meaning if the end of the movie is happy or sad - there is joy and pain both in it, because that's exactly how the life is. After the girl reads his letter, she tries to call Gyeon-woo repeatedly, but is unable to contact him.

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my sassy girl end
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my sassy girl end
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